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The Summer Girls: The Lowcountry Summer Trilogy, Book 1 Audiobook

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Mary Alice Monroe
11 hrs and 42 mins

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aBookList.com Summary

Marietta “Mamaw” Muir, a 80-year-old widow is living an ancestral house called Sea Breeze on Sullivan’s Island, where her three granddaughters Carson, Eudora and Harper used to visit for the summer holiday many years ago. Many years pass and the bond between three sisters has not remained as it used to be. Busy with the daily life, tangled with many burdens, Carson, Eudora and Harper seem not to close with each other. Worried that the family bonds will be broken once she is gone, Mamaw comes to a decision to call her three daughters back to See Breeze to celebrate her 80th birthday in the hope of mending the bonds.

Casron, the penniless daughter is the first one back to Sea Breeze. With the strong bond with the dolphin named Delphine,  may Carson reconnect the relationship with her two sisters and face the haunting memories of her father?

Publisher’s Summary

Three sisters reunite on Sullivan’s Island off the coast of South Carolina after years of separation in this heartwarming first novel in a new trilogy from a beloved author.

80-year-old Marietta Muir is a dowager of Charleston society who has retired to her historic summer home on Sullivan’s Island. At the onset of summer, Marietta – “Mamaw” – seeks to gather her three granddaughters – Carson, Eudora, and Harper – with the intent to reunite them after years apart.

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  1. Lou
    Lou July 17, 2013 at 3:00 pm .

    I downloaded this audiobook to listen to this summer. The author is the teller of the story. The main problem I had with this book is the speed at which she tells. the story. I could have understood the book better is she had slowed down a bit. Just my suggestion. Hope you can understand the book better than I did.

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