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The Silent Wife: A Novel Audiobook

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Karen White, Donald Corren
8 hrs and 57 mins

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aBookList.com Summary

Jodi Brett and Todd Gilbert seem is a happily un- married couple. Jodi is a part-time psychologist working from home and Todd Gilbert is a renovation expert and developer. Living with each other for 20 years, the two are having a happy life except for children that Todd wants but Jodi cannot give him. Still they stay together, love and care for each other even though sometimes they have some quarrels and cheating. The lives of Todd and Jodi seem to have a perfect balance until Todd sets his eyes on Natasha, the daughter of his old friend and get this young girl pregnant. The sudden ‘accident’ made by Todd makes him torn between two women: Natasha with his unborn baby and Jodi – his long-life-never-break-up lover.

Publisher’s Summary

A chilling psychological thriller about a marriage, a way of life, and how far one woman will go to keep what is rightfully hers….

Jodi and Todd are at a bad place in their marriage. Much is at stake, including the affluent life they lead in their beautiful waterfront condo in Chicago, as she, the killer, and he, the victim, rush haplessly toward the main event. He is a committed cheater; she lives and breathes denial. He exists in dual worlds; she likes to settle scores. He decides to play for keeps; she has nothing left to lose. Told in alternating voices, The Silent Wife is about a marriage in the throes of dissolution, a couple headed for catastrophe, concessions that can’t be made, and promises that won’t be kept. Expertly plotted and reminiscent of Gone Girl and These Things Hidden, The Silent Wife ensnares the listener from its opening lines and never lets go.

©2013 A. S. A. Harrison (P)2013 Blackstone Audiobooks

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