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The Queen of Bedlam: A Matthew Corbett Novel, Book 2 Audiobook

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Edoardo Ballerini
23 hrs and 23 mins
Matthew Corbett, Book 2

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aBookList.com Summary

After saving a woman from being burned at the stake for the practice of witchcraft, twenty-three year old Matthew Corbett, the clerk for Magistrate Powers in New York City, is drawn into the murders of three New York citizens while gathering the evidence of child molestation to prove the crime of Eben Ausley, the headmaster of the orphanage where he grew up. The victims are a respectable doctor, a successful businessman and Eben Ausley, who are killed by a blade. The three brutal murders have attracted the attention of local media as well the public, who are both curious and worried for the current situation because they assume that “The Masker” is the one behind all the crimes.

Digging deeper into the cases and the killer, Matthew comes to know that the murders are linked to a series of mysteries occurred in England long time ago which one of them revolves around a woman with amnesia in an asylum known as the Queen of Bedlam.

Trying to figure out what happened, Matthew is swept into a mystery where the truth has been buried in it may make him freaked out.

Publisher’s Summary

His epic masterwork Speaks the Nightbird, a tour de force of witch hunt terror in a colonial town, was hailed by Sandra Brown as “deeply satisfying…told with matchless insight into the human soul.”

Now, Robert McCammon brings the hero of that spellbinding novel, Matthew Corbett, to 18th-century New York, where a killer wields a bloody and terrifying power over a bustling city carving out its identity – and over Matthew’s own uncertain destiny.

The unsolved murder of a respected doctor has sent ripples of fear throughout a city teeming with life and noise and commerce. Who snuffed out the good man’s life with the slash of a blade on a midnight street? The local printmaster has labeled the fiend “the Masker,” adding fuel to a volatile mystery…and when the Masker claims a new victim, hardworking young law clerk Matthew Corbett is lured into a maze of forensic clues and heart-pounding investigation that will both test his natural penchant for detection and inflame his hunger for justice.

In the strangest twist of all, the key to unmasking the Masker may await in an asylum where the Queen of Bedlam reigns – and only a man of Matthew’s reason and empathy can unlock her secrets. From the seaport to Wall Street, from society mansions to gutters glimmering with blood spilled by a deviant, Matthew’s quest will tauntingly reveal the answers he seeks – and the chilling truths he cannot escape.

©2007 Robert McCammon (P)2012 Audible, Inc.

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