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The Frontiersmen: A Narrative Audiobook

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aBookList.com Summary

First published in 1981, “The Frontiersmen: A Narrative”, the first book in “The Winning of America” series, written by renowned author Allan W. Eckert, who took seven years on conducting many researches and conveys, is the story of the frontiersmen and the American Indian tribes, which focuses on the life of the early American frontier Simon Kenton and his interact with the visionary Indian leader Tecumseh.

In the book, the author takes a deep look into the lives of each man and their paths as well as the people around them. Eckert takes time to describe the personality and character of Kenton and Tecumseh with their achievement to the community and details their journey and effort to unite the society.

Putting together the history of the settlement of Ohio, Western Virginia and Kentucky, the book manages to present the story of America through the life of one of the great early American frontiersmen and one of the great Native American leaders.

Publisher’s Summary

The frontiersmen were a remarkable breed of men. They were often rough and illiterate, sometimes brutal and vicious, often seeking an escape in the wilderness of mid-America from crimes committed back east. In the beautiful but deadly country that would one day come to be known as West Virginia, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, more often than not they left their bones to bleach beside forest paths or on the banks of the Ohio River, victims of Indians who claimed the vast virgin territory and strove to turn back the growing tide of whites.

These frontiersmen are the subjects of Allan W. Eckert’s dramatic history. Against the background of such names as George Rogers Clark, Daniel Boone, Arthur St. Clair, Anthony Wayne, Simon Girty, and William Henry Harrison, Eckert has re-created the life of one of America’s most outstanding heroes, Simon Kenton. Kenton’s role in opening the Northwest Territory to settlement more than rivaled that of his friend Daniel Boone. By his 18th birthday, Kenton had already won frontier renown as woodsman, fighter, and scout. His incredible physical strength and endurance, his great dignity and innate kindness made him the ideal prototype of the frontier hero.

Yet there is another story to The Frontiersmen. It is equally the story of one of history’s greatest leaders, whose misfortune was to be born to a doomed cause and a dying race. Tecumseh, the brilliant Shawnee chief, welded together by the sheer force of his intellect and charisma an incredible Indian confederacy that came desperately close to breaking the thrust of the white man’s westward expansion. Like Kenton, Tecumseh was the paragon of his people’s virtues, and the story of his life, in Eckert’s hands, reveals most profoundly the grandeur and the tragedy of the American Indian.

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