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aBookList.com Summary

Introduced in 2007, “The Forgotten Man” by Amity Shlaes, one of the most-respected economic commentators in America is a new approach to the Great Depression started in 1930 and lasted until the late 1930s or middle 1940s.

Writing about the Great Depression but Amity Shlaes has a different approach to the topic. She does not write on the new economic policy was but lays her concentration on the story of Americans with their effort to overcome the hardship and build up their character as we recognize today. The author explores the growing misery of the new economic policies points out that President Hoover and Roosevelt failed to understand the prosperity of the 1920s, which left the heavy burden on the country.

Delivering a fresh look into one of the most important period in America history, “The Forgotten Man” will help readers understand the brave perseverance of Americans.

Publisher’s Summary

It’s difficult today to imagine how America survived the Great Depression. Only through the stories of the common people who struggled during that era can we really understand how the nation endured. In The Forgotten Man, Amity Shlaes offers a striking reinterpretation of the Great Depression. Rejecting the old emphasis on the New Deal, she turns to the neglected and moving stories of individual Americans, and shows how they helped establish the steadfast character we developed as a nation.

Shlaes also traces the mounting agony of the New Dealers themselves as they discovered their errors. She shows how both Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt failed to understand the prosperity of the 1920s and heaped massive burdens on the country that more than offset the benefit of New Deal programs.

The real question about the Depression, she argues, is not whether Roosevelt ended it with World War II. It is why the Depression lasted so long. From 1929 to 1940, federal intervention helped to make the Depression great, in part by forgetting the men and women who sought to help one another. The Forgotten Man, offers a new look at one of the most important periods in our history, allowing us to understand the strength of the American character today.

©2007 Amity Shlaes; (P)2007 HarperCollins Publishers

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