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Queen of the Flowers: A Phryne Fisher Mystery Audiobook

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Stephanie Daniel
8 hrs and 20 mins
Phryne Fisher, Book 14

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aBookList.com Summary

In the town of St. Kilda, the local people are decorating the street with fairy lights and multi-colored lanterns to prepare for the first Flower Parade. Phryne Fisher, the amateur detective, has been selected as Queen of the Flowers in the Flower Parade this year. This means that she will have a chance to wear fancy dresses and enjoy delicious food in top restaurants.

However, when the festival is going smoothly, Rose Weston, one of Phryne’s flower maidens disappears suddenly. Rose’s wealthy grandfather hires Phryne to find the missing girl at any cost. Along with her old friend Inspector Jack Robinson and two experts Ben and Cec, Phryne embarks the investigation to solve the missing case.

The missing case is leaving Phryne much headache, but she also encounters another problem. Ruth, her 13-year-old adopted daughter goes missing after knowing the truth about her biological father.

Sensing that the two young missing girls are not running away from home as the case appears but kidnapped by someone else, Phryne has to race against time to find out what really happening and try her best to rescue them before it’s too late.

Publisher’s Summary

With more than a dash of glamour and serious helpings of style, the witty and courageous Phryne Fisher returns. In 1928 St Kilda’s streets hang with fairy lights. Magic shows, marionettes, tea dances, tango competitions, life-saving demonstrations, lantern shows, and picnics on the beach are all part of the Flower Parade. And who else should be chosen to be Queen of the Flowers but the gorgeous, charming and terribly fashionable Hon Phryne Fisher? Phryne needs a new dress and a swimming costume but she also needs a lot of courage to confront her problems: a missing daughter, the return of an old lover, and a young woman found drowned at the beach at Elwood.

©2004 Kerry Greenwood (P)2011 Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd

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