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How Few Remain: A Novel of the Second War Between the States Audiobook

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George Guidall
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aBookList.com Summary

Introduced in 1997, “How Few Remain: A Novel of the Second War Between the States” is a science fiction novel written by Harry Turtledove, which tells of a war between the United State of America and Confederate States of America after the Civil War in 1862.

The book begins when Confederate of America won the Civil War and tried to purchase two large provinces off the Mexico. Dissatisfied with the takeover, the U.S wants to stop this from happening, which later raises the war against the South. However, the warfare has changed which causes the U.S to face many dangers from enemies and allies.

Publisher’s Summary

Harry Turtledove, the master of alternate history, crafts arresting novels based on hypothetical scenarios and featuring iconic figures from the past. How Few Remain, a novel of the second war between the states, is hailed as “compelling” by Publishers Weekly in a starred review.

A generation after the South wins the Civil War, it annexes critical territory in Mexico. Outraged, the United States declares total war. This time the American army faces danger on all sides–Confederates, outlaws, Apaches, French, and even the British. George Custer and Teddy Roosevelt fight hard and give the Americans hope. But to win, they need a commander as brilliant as Stonewall Jackson, and they must stop Jeb Stuart’s glorious cavalry.

Riveting what-if situations make this a unique, intriguing book. Expert narrator George Guidall creates distinct personalities for the numerous characters, including socialist lecturer Abraham Lincoln, Confederate President James Longstreet, and antiwar journalist Samuel Clemens.

©1997 Harry Turtledove (P)2002 Recorded Books, LLC

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