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Hit Me: Keller, Book 5 Audiobook

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Richard Poe
8 hrs and 29 mins
John Keller, Book 5

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aBookList.com Summary

Starting a new life in New Orleans with new identity Nicholas Edwards, Keller, a former hired assassin, decides to live a normal with his wife Julia and a young daughter Jenny and run a small business. Keller finds the pleasure in play with his family and collecting stamps. But it does not take long for him to back into the assassin business when Keller receives a phone call from Dot, a former hired-assassin-entrepreneur for new missions. The missions take Keller to variety of cities, from Dallas through Florida and to New York to carry out his appointed duties.

Publisher’s Summary

The conclusion of Hit and Run found Keller living in a big old house in post-Katrina New Orleans’ Lower Garden District, with a new name (Nicholas Edwards), a new wife (Julia), a new career (rehabbing houses), and a baby on the way. It certainly looked as though he was done killing people for money. But old habits die hard, and when the economic downturn knocked out the construction business, a phone call from Dot draws him back into the old game. His work takes him to Dallas, to settle a domestic dispute; to Florida, where he joins a government witness on a West Indies cruise; to Wyoming, where a widow has her husband’s stamp collection for sale; and to New York, where he lived for so many years, and where people might remember him.

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